We guide you to transform yourself by recognizing your strengths in multiple aspects of your Life.

We prepare ourselves and our children how to be perfect at studies, earning money, acquiring best things in life. We often confuse success with happiness and give great importance to former. While success is important, it is much important to be happier to achieve success. Unfortunately, there is no School or Institute to prepare us for LIFE itself.

At Lives Beyond Boundaries, our initiative is to identify the Innate of an individuals to help explore their lives beyond boundaries and break the shackles of a definite & pre-determined life. Here, we believe in the attributes you are born with, and strive to help you realise your true potential. We facilitate this belief through various activities of self-awareness and holistic development through scientific and genetic methods.

Once you associate with us, our counsellors will connect personally with you, help assess your current issues and challenges, identifies your innate personality and characteristics and guides you to a healthy, stress-free and happy life.


We help you realise your goals & aspirations you have for yourself, your child, your partner,
your family, personal or professional.

Innate Based Parenting & Child Behaviour Management

Explore your
Innate Strengths & Triggers

Explore your
Spouse Inborn Personality

Right Career Selection
Based on Innate Talent

Know what Binds
your Family together

Explore your Special
Child's Inborn Talent


We help you live a life beyond boundaries by exploring the unique pathways within your self
so you may realise your true potential and purpose of life.

1. We map your

Innate personality, character, learning style through your Fingerprints.

So, how do we Map the Innate of Unique you?

Innate nature, character or behaviour of a human being is a nature which is absolutely pure and uninfluenced by the environment. Innate or Inborn Nature is always more important than acquired nature because the way we learn is determined by our Genetic Influence. Nature controls the initial 55% of our Being and the rest 45% we Acquire through our Learning Mechanisms combined with our environment and its effects. The Scientific study of Dermatoglyphics - which is a study of Fingerprints helps us explore our innate personality, character, learning style in a UNIQUE manner.

2. We Identify your

Life Aspirations & Challenges by Identifying Your True Potential

“Your Strengths are like a Staircase. They take you up, however when not applied correctly, at the appropriate time and place --they can bring you down too.” With the help of Dermatoglyphics, one can easily understand and decode the complexities of each individuals Unique Inborn Behaviour combined with your acquired nature. At Lives Beyond Boundaries, we help you identify your Triggers motivators patterns and much more. We help you realise your goals & aspirations you have for yourself, your child, your partner, whether they are personal or professional.

3. We help you

Manage 10 Pillars of a Happy Life

We assess your Innate and current life skills through a genetic & scientific procedure. We assess both Innate & Acquired skills that you own in key aspects of your life through the 10 pillars of Life. These pillars are important for every human being as they are growing physically Mentally & Emotionally. As one grows up, some of these get added and need constant Maintenance and management to lead a happy Life. We coach you with a customized approach of how to manage and maintain your own pillars by knowing yourself better.

4. We help

Transform your life from Comfort Zone to Growth Zone.

Aristotle said : “Man is a goal-seeking animal. His life only has meaning if he is reaching out and striving for his goals.”

We guide you to implement small though effective changes in life that help you let go of your mental clutter and optimise your strengths, energy, time, money in pursuit of your aspirations. We help you observe, realize and track your behaviors, thoughts and reactions to learn more about yourself than ever before. We do this by Reframing your mindset that involves challenging your limiting beliefs and rethinking and reassessing your limiting Beliefs & assumptions about Life, People, Profession and world at large, with the help of customized procedures for each of our Unique Clients.

What makes us "UNIQUE"?

Customised Online Counselling
Scientific & Genetic Tool Based on Fingerprints
Access to Counselling Recordings
99% Accurate Lifetime Report
Unique tools & exercises for individuals
75+ Specialised Trained Counsellors
World’s 1st Mobile App to capture Fingerprints
Specialised Program for Improving AQ – Adversity Quotient
Sessions from comfort of your home
Secure, Private & Confidential


1. Fingerprinting Analysis

“Who am I?”, the answer lies in your FINGERPRINTS, in a way you never could’ve imagined. Know your inborn talents, innate nature and how your brain functions and be proud of things that makes us unique.

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2. NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming)

A new way of changing your thoughts and behaviour to help achieve desired outcomes for your life. Come out of negatives of your past, change the way you experience the life and improve yourself on both personal and professional front.

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3. Hypnotherapy

A natural, fast and most effective way to free yourself from any limitation, anxiety, depression, trauma, unexplained pain and hidden issues, and experience your natural state of joy, health and happiness.

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4. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Manage your problems by changing the way you think and behave with this new short-term talking therapy technique. Reduce stress, cope with complicated relationships, deal with grief, and manage to face many other challenges from depression to chronic pain.

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5. Adversity Quotient

Adversities are a part of life. Become more resilient and improve your ability to cope up with challenges, fear, setbacks, barriers or difficult situations in life by increasing the most important quotient of life ie Adversity Quotient. Unlike IQ, EQ, Adversity Quotient helps you understand what to do, how to do and when to do.

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Lives Beyond Boundaries – Nurturing Talents across Platforms

LBB for Corporates

Empowering Strong Talent using Inborn & Acquired Personality Mapping Tools for better productivity, performance and growth.

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LBB for Schools

Identify & Nurture every Child’s Inborn Potential and Talent to make Online & Offline learning effective for every child through his fingerprints.

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LBB for Mental Health Professionals

Grow yourself, enhance your counselling expertise and save lot of prep time by adding scientific tools and techniques that gives more accurate assessment of your client.

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A Healthy Mind is a path to Inner Peace & Happiness.

In today’s environment & adversity we are facing, we all need to understand how to manage ourselves, our kids, our family, work stress and much more. It’s time to explore our innate personality, leverage our strengths & work on our holistic well-being.

Please share your details with us. Our counsellor will get in touch with you shortly. Don’t worry! We keep it highly confidential.

Happy Customers. Happy Lives.