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By Rob Liano


For most of us, career selection gets influenced either by Parental expectations or by peer pressure or by latest trends booming in market. It is important to understand that every individual is unique and is born with unique talent and potential. An individual might be good at communication but may lack logical analysis skills, in such case, he or she can become a teacher, lawyer or trainer. But if parent identifies this at an early age and starts working towards improving logical analysis much before, more doors will open for the child in the future. You must be pondering over following questions and looking for right answers for the same.

Is my child a planner or executor?

Is my child multi-tasker or solo-tasker?

What could be the right subject selection after class X?

Whether my child should take up mathematics or not?

My Child doesn’t agree with career which we want him/her to pursue?

Still unsure of your child’s progression in the chosen career line?

All these questions are imbibed in our minds that can surely be answered by our own Fingerprints.

Unlike other tests, Fingerprint Analysis is the scientific and genetic assessment tool that helps reveal inborn skills and personality by mapping one’s brain. Our Fingerprints are directly connected to our brain and hence making them unique.
By mapping one’s brain, our consultants are able to map one’s inborn learning capacity, learning style, what will work best for an individual, what are your strengths, which skills to improve for professional and personal development, and help identify right career options:

A Unique Scientific Approach to Career Guidance

1. We Map your Inborn Strengths and Skills

Our assessment is based on 99.9% accurate and the most advanced Scientific tool – Fingerprints. It reveals your innate strengths, skills, Multiple Intelligence, Brain Quotients – IQ, EQ, CQ, AQ, Inborn Personality,Learning Capacity & Style, Communication style and lot more.

2. We Map your Acquired Skills and Knowledge

Acquired skills are the skills that you have learnt over a period of time from your school, parents, friends, colleagues, teachers and environment you are exposed with. We map these skills to identify gaps between Innate, Acquired and skills that are required for your career growth path.

3. We provide One to One Personal Career Guidance

Our career guidance experts help identify right career path by analysing your Inborn and Acquired Skills – a purely scientific and unbiased approach to help you set right career goals and objectives.

4. We help you plan, Improve and Prepare for your Professional Career

Our team of experts work closely with you to help you plan, improve and take desired action to reach to your career path and meet your desired life goals and objectives. They use different tools and exercises to help you work upon your challenges and guide you on how to utilize your strengths for professional growth.

5. We provide Regular Support and Guidance

Our team of experts are there with you at a click of a button. You can consult or chat your career expert anytime via what’s app, call or zoom and get answers to any query moving forward.

Rate yourself on Top Key Skills

required for Professional Career Growth

We use scientific skill assessment tool based on your Fingerprints to help you identify your
Innate key strengths, skills, talent and potential.

Choose the Most Advanced & Scientific

Inborn Assessment Tool - FINGERPRINT ANALYSIS for your Career Guidance
For Class 9th - 10th Students
  • Choose Right subject & stream as per your Child’s Inborn skills
  • Help your child deal with stress and peer pressure
  • Improve your Child’s Observation & Concentration 
  • Get Guidance in specific subjects as required 
  • Balance academics with extra-curricular activities
  • Learn how to manage your Child’s Behaviour 
  • Learn how to select right tutor for your child
For Class 11th - 12th Students
  • Choose Right course selection as per your Child’s Inborn skills
  • Prepare your child for key skills required for career growth
  • Prepare a road map for your child’s future
  • Bridge the gap between your child’s desired career path and inborn skills 
  • Balance academics with extra-curricular activities
  • Learn how to manage your Child’s Behaviour 
  • Learn how to select right tutor for your child
For Undergraduate Students
  • Create your career plan and find a way towards your career growth
  • Eliminate any confusion on your current course
  • Map and develop right organisational skills 
  • Identify your key strengths and how to utilise them
  • Overcome Personal & Professional challenges
  • Enhance learning outcomes 
  • Manage Stress and Anxiety
For Young Professionals
  • Identify Right Career path as per your Inborn Personality
  • Rectify choice of career if needed 
  • Identify your key strengths and skills for future growth
  • Identify Professional and Self-Development needs
  • Manage better relationships Personal & Professional
  • Overcome Personal or Professional challenges 
  • Identify your AQ and Improve Resilience  

How it works

Scan all your 10
Fingerprints via
Mobile App
LBB process & analyse
fingerprints & generate
unique report
One-to-one Online
Consultation with Fingerprint

Why us ?

99% Accurate Report
100% Safe & Secure Technology to capture Fingerprints
Access to Counselling recordings
100% Safe & Secure Technology to capture Fingerprints
World’s 1st Mobile app to capture fingerprints

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