Every Brain is UNIQUE and so is Every INDIVIDUAL

Every individual is complete in herself/himself, but it is the self-realization and right application of best abilities that makes one human different from another.

We help you identify your biological geometry and thereby your true potential. By knowing how you have been designed and how to optimize your overall skill sets, you would be able to lead a highly successful and prosperous vocation. Being able to identify your key performing areas and learning preferences can be the best gift one can ask for and this is what Lives Beyond Boundaries bless you with.

We all are one of a kind creation and we all have our individual specialities. By exploring uniqueness within yourself you live your life beyond boundaries that is not just extraordinary but also a better, stress-free,
healthy and happy life.


We believe in you, We make you believe in yourself!

Lives Beyond Boundaries is a platform which helps an individual to explore a life which is beyond the confines of a definite & pre-determined life. Here, life is explored, experienced, taught and understood beyond the realms of regular understanding.

Our endeavour is to bring together a group of like-minded individuals from different walks of life to create a community that believes in creative ways of exploring life and healing from within. We welcome you to explore every horizon, desert and ocean you carry within, and we will guide you every step of the way.

Here at Lives Beyond Boundaries, we believe in the attributes you are born with, and strive to help you realise your true potential. We facilitate this belief through various activities of self-awareness and holistic development through scientific & genetic methods.

All around the world, we see people speaking up about the power of introspection, the importance of self-awareness, and the dire need for self-love. To achieve our best, we must not only work hard, but know what to work hard on, a nearly impossible task when one isn’t aware of what goes on within them. Our community consists of different approaches all centred around one objective – To enable, heal, support, empower and inspire each other, so that we may provide the same to those around us.

From the Founder’s Desk

Shivani Sharma
Founder – Lives Beyond Boundaries

The mind behind this initiative is Shivani Sharma - Founder of LBB, who is a flourishing entrepreneur, a certified Master Hypnotherapist, Dermatoglyphics Expert and an NLP practitioner.

She has her fair share of accolades in the beauty industry as well. Shivani is a pioneer in the Nail industry, whose work has played a major role in laying the foundation of this beauty practice across the nation, with her company Lure Nails.

Having practiced the above for 10 years alongside her beauty business, she decided to make a platform for other Healers in the field of Holistic practices and Alternative Science and came up with LBB - LIVES BEYOND BOUNDARIES.

Shivani says “Having been in a field for over 11 years that focuses on and celebrates external beauty, I always felt it’s only natural that I follow my passion and take it to the next level and explore the opposite end of that spectrum. What we hold in our minds is what reflects on the outside, and I hope to facilitate people in their endeavor to enhance their inner beauty and potential the same way we facilitated several people to enhance the exterior.”

Lives Beyond Boundaries

Bringing Uniqeness For You

Our experienced and trained Consultants customise unique suggestions as per your innate personality. They deep dive into understanding your needs and challenges and use scientific methods to make life changes that really stick with you.

Every counselling is unique

As everyone is unique, we provide counselling post understanding an individual’s unique inborn personality and behaviour.

All age groups

We cater to all age groups above 3 years. Counselling parameters will be different as per the age and need of an individual.

No Hit n Trial

Our counselling tips and guidance are focussed on understanding our own self and see what works for us as per one’s inborn personality, characteristics,learning style and more.

Lifetime Report

As our fingerprints never change, report is also a lifetime report. One can refer to same report anytime in life for any kind of need or requirement.It’s like a Janampatri of your life.

Support till 5 years

Our team of counsellors are always accessible over phone or message for next 5 years to help implement changes and make improvements in one’s life.

Privacy & Confidentiality

We ensure that all the sessions are secured, privately held and remain strictly confidential between you and
your counsellor.