A unique approach for Schools to make Online & Offline Learning effective for
Every Child , Every Parent and Every School
using the most advanced, genetic and scientific tool of Fingerprint Analysis.

Design and Create a Cohesive System of Nature and Nurture

Innate nature, character or behaviour of a child is a nature which is absolutely pure and uninfluenced by the environment. Innate or Inborn Nature is always more important than acquired nature because the way we learn is determined by our Genetic Influence. Nature controls the initial 55% of our Being and the rest 45% we acquire through our Learning Mechanisms combined with our environment and its effects. This is what makes a complete 100% of an individual.

It is important in today’s world to utilise the best of child’s Innate Nature and work upon his/her challenges and areas of improvements through customised nurturing as per child’s unique way of learning style. This can now easily be mapped and assessed through the unique study of Dermatoglyphics.

The Scientific study of Dermatoglyphics - which is a study of Fingerprints helps us explore our innate personality, character, learning style in a UNIQUE manner. We assess child’s Innate Strengths and life skills through a genetic & scientific procedure which will help both teachers and parents to understand the best way to manage child’s behaviour, the best way to make child learn in his/her own unique way, the best way to communicate with child, the best way to engage child and the best way to enhance each child’s skills and abilities.

Changing Trends in Today’s School Learning Environment

As teachers, we all are aware of how to teach a particular class and at the same time how to manage the students. If we take a step forward in creating a co-learning environment in the class, it only adds value to the efforts being put in by each teacher.

Our children are neither Silly nor lazy nor uninterested. In fact, we all are natural-born learners and experimenters.
We just need to understand:

- What is each Child’s unique Brain combination & how does it work?

- What are their Unique Interests, Potentials, Triggers, Receptors?

- What motivates them or vice a versa?

- How do they receive download process and execute information?

- What is their exclusive behavior and expression style?

- What is their Unique style of Amalgamating all their Strengths & Execution/Application

All these can be mapped easily through biometric technology - Inborn Potential Assessment through Fingerprints. Fingerprints are a unique map to Child’s Brain. By mapping each child’s brain, we are able to 

Fingerprints are a direct map to Child’s Brain

The Brain development starts at the 13th week to the 21st week of pregnancy, the Fingerprints are developed simultaneously both at the fingertips of hands and feet. Every Brain has 10 areas of pre-determined and precise functionality ie a unique combination of NERVE GROWTH FACTOR (NGF) and the same is imprinted on the fingers and toes in a Unique Pattern through Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF).

Our brain consists of 5 different Lobes – PRE FRONTAL /FRONTAL/PARIETAL/TEMPORAL/OCCIPITAL
These 5 lobes are further divided into left brain and right brain, each carrying 5 parts each - splitting them into 10 divisions, with each part responsible for different functions.
Our right hand fingers represent our left brain and our left hand fingers represent our right brain.

10 Brain Parts = 10 Fingers.

All of these functions are the same for every individual however what is most important is that every human brain’s learning styles/reactions/motivation/triggers/execution of these functions are different.
We can map the same with Uniqueness through the fingerprint patterns. Combination of Patterns, Sequence, TFRC, Brain Lobes, Nerve Growth Factor, Percentage is what all makes each individual’s Fingerprints unique.



Class-wise Neural Intelligence Quantification

Class-O-Graph is first of its kind Govt Patented Inborn Potential Assessment Tool in the world. It aims at identifying inborn intelligence of entire class and entire school based on student’s inborn abilities. It helps to provide clarity on the innate nature of students. This tool can be effectively used by Schools and Institutes to get more in-depth analysis on the entire class strengths and areas of improvement. Accordingly, the child development plan can be communicated by Teachers to the Parents during the meetings. This report is generated for teachers of respective class and followed up with a Teacher’s Workshop for knowledge dissemination of Class-O-Graph.

What Class-o-Graph reveals?
MINI REPORT for every Child
Tool for Every Parent to know their Child Better.

Mini Report is dermatoglyphics based report specifically for Parents to help understand the innate inborn intelligence and abilities of their child. We have introduced this report with an aim to give access of this technology tool to every school and institute under the education and human development spectrum worldwide. With this report, we provide 30-min tele-consultation to Parents for their child development based on child’s innate abilities and intelligences and make them aware about their child’s unique strengths, inborn talent & potential and areas of improvement.

What Mini Report reveals?

What we offer to School and Parents?

Online Finger scans for each child

Capture fingerprint scans of every child via mobile app

Fingerprint Report for each child

Customized individual report for every child. There are different types of report depending upon need of every child

Free Teachers’ Training

Understanding of report interpretation and how to apply it to create unique way of teaching

Free Class-O-Graph Report for each class

Comprehensive Report for every class and propose teaching techniques

Free Online Educative Seminar
for Parents

Awareness and understanding of concept and relevance of Fingerprint Analysis

Individual Online Counselling
with Parents

Counsel Child’s Inborn Abilities, Strengths, Learning Style, Multiple Intelligence and areas of improvement

Govt Patent for Class-O-Graph
World's 1st Mobile App to take Fingerprint Scans
Safe & Secure Technology to capture Fingerprints


Benefits to School

  • Talent recognition at right time
  • Allocate right teachers as per class
  • Enhanced & customised learning methodology
  • Guidance to teachers to improve child’s potential
  • Stress reduction of teachers & parents
  • Overall high performance of teachers
  • Overall high performance of class

Benefits to Teachers

  • Teachers stress level reduced up to 90%
  • Customize teaching methodology as per Learning style 
  • Better management of students 
  • Better time management 
  • Customized guidance to parents 
  • Apt choice of subjects for senior students 
  • Psychological and Physiological aptitude guidance to parents

Benefits to Children

  • Enjoy learning style
  • High grasping ability
  • Better understanding with parents and teachers
  • Highly motivated
  • Develops co-learning culture
  • High interest and participation level
  • Better results academically or in sports or in extra-curricular activities

Benefits to Parents

  • Help understand Child’s Inborn Abilities
  • Help understand effective Child’s Learning Style
  • Help understand child’s triggers & motivators
  • Improved communication
  • Overcome Behavioral Challenges
  • Focus on Child’s Strengths
  • Assess right improvement areas

Association Partners

Centre for Multiple Intelligence and Dermatoglyphics

Lives Beyond Boundaries

Asian Dermatoglyphics Research Centre

Every Child is Unique. Identify and Nurture every Child’s Inborn Talent & Potential.
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