Meet The Team

Our team of consultants enable you to empower, strengthen, and get inspired for positive change in
your life and to the people around you. Our team supports you as friends, mentor and life coach to
help you lead a healthy, stress-free and happy life.

75+ Consultants across 5 countries and 10 cities helping people living their life beyond boundaries.

Key Team Members

Shivani Sharma

Founder LBB,
Dermatoglyphics Expert,
Certified Hypnotherapist,
NLP Practitioner

Charu Bhadrish

Brand Strategist, Senior Consultant - Dermatoglyphics

Pallavi Dittakavi

Child Psychologist, Associate Consultant - Dermatoglyphics

Preeti Singh

Wellness coach,
Corporate Trainer, NLP & CBT Practitioner, Fingerprint
Consultant – Special Needs

Monika Choraria

Holistic Healer,
Relationship Counsellor,
Associate Consultant - Dermatoglyphics

Dr. Satnam Singh

PhD in Psychology,
NLP Practitioner,
Certified Hypnotherapist,
Associate Consultant – Dermatoglyphics

Dr. Sumathy Bachchan

Masters in Clinical Psychology,
Master Life Coach,
NLP Practitioner,
Associate Consultant – Dermatoglyphics

Dr Parul Kohli

Senior Dermatoglyphics Consultant & Trainer
Counselling Psychologist

Juhee Sinha

Personal Growth Coach,
Soft Skills Trainer, Dermatoglyphics Consultant


Join us and make a difference in your life and in lives of people around you.
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