Confused about your career?

Struggling to manage relationships?

Difficulty managing own emotions like anger, frustration?

Finding it hard to pursue your passion?

Quitting things easily?

Finding it difficult to cope with adversities?

Losing Self-Confidence?


Know your Innate Strengths, your talent, your passion,
motivators, triggers and much more through your Fingerprints.

Finger print

Discover your true potential as per your
Inborn Personality through Fingerprints.

Each individual is unique and needs to be understood in his/her own way. "Who am I?", the answer lies in your FINGERTIPS in a way you never could‘ve imagined. Fingerprints are directly connected to our brain. Fingerprints reflect your brain functions and every finger reveals different aspects of your Personality/Behaviour/Learning & Performing Styles/Unique Triggers & Receptors.

At each phase of our life from childhood till now, we learn through different experiences, environment, and culture we live in which impacts 45% of our personality, but do we really know that the rest 55% comes from within which we called as Inborn Personality.

However, sometimes the 45% of acquired intelligence fortunately or unfortunately takes over the INNATE potential, leaving us confused, frustrated and in despair.

  • What makes you unique from others?
  • What is your driving and motivating factor to move forward in life?
  • What is your IKIGAI?
  • What impacts or triggers your own behavior?
  • Why do we respond differently to different situations at different times?
  • Why does it become difficult to be understood by others?
  • Why are we good in certain things and not good in others?
  • How can we learn and grow faster?
  • How can we fuel our brain and relive our passion?
  • What is stopping you from doing what you would like to achieve in life?


Your Fingerprints are like Google Map of your life!

Find out the right vision, the right way to handle obstacles, make the right decisions, build support systems, and much more before even starting any journey of life.

Be it career choice, professional life, new relationships, child development, or managing your stress or pursuing your passion, all can be well planned & managed by utilizing your innate strengths and addressing your weaknesses in the right manner.

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Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom.
Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power.


What all Fingerprints can reveal about you?

Fingerprints are our unique identity and they never change ! Fingerprint analysis is more than just a scientific tool. It reveals invaluable information about your personality, hidden traits, likes/dislikes, skills and a lot more – it’s everything you need to know about yourself, your child, your partner or your employee.

What all fingerprints reveal

How we @ Lives Beyond Boundaries help you
Discover your Unique Self.

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You can expand your perspective through continuous learning. ... Fingerprint Analysis will help you become aware of your own strengths and challenges and brings a better perspective of what you can do in life.

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Knowing what you are Good at. Find your SWEET SPOT!

When you understand yourself – your innate strengths and weaknesses through Fingerprints – you become better at everything you do. ... Fingerprint Analysis will help you identify your IKIGAI.

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Boost your Self-Confidence

Confidence is important if you want to achieve your goals and live a successful life. ... By understanding your own self through Fingerprints, you will learn more about your innate strengths, motivators, skills, and potential. When you achieve your goals, learned better skills, and become better at what you do, your level of confidence will rise.

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Gain greater clarity and define your direction

When you know what inborn traits you are born with, you become clearer with what you want out of your life. ... Most people are not living their dreams because they don’t have a clear direction in life. They are following the crowd and they are going wherever others are going.

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Improve your focus and effectiveness

When you are clear with your objectives by analyzing your own Fingerprints, you can prioritize what is important to you. ... By knowing what impacts your performance and the best way to deal with daily challenges through your Fingerprints, you become more focused.

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Gain Control on your Emotions and Behavior

What is even more important than a person’s IQ is his EQ or Emotional Intelligence. EQ is your capacity to perceive, process, and regulate different emotions accurately and effectively. ... Fingerprint Analysis will help you understand the best way to deal with these emotions in different situations and how to regulate them to your advantage.

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Improve your Adversity Quotient

Adversity don’t define us, the way we handle them reflects our personality. ... AQ can be increased to 100% at any phase of your life with continuous practice and guidance.

Confused about your Career?
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“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”
It’s not just marks, Its unique capability that matters too. Find out your child’s unique capability by
mapping your brain through Fingerprints.

Detailed Fingerprint Report for Adults
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Detailed report will help you understand

  • Strengths & Talents

  • Inborn Learning Capacity

  • Learning Style

  • Communication Style


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Be the Best version of yourself by mapping your Fingerprints.
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