About Adversity Quotient

Everyone talks about Adversity, but no one suggests how to deal with adversity.
We all concentrate on our IQ and EQ, do we know the most important quotient that
impacts our day to day life and what is driving us all is Adversity Quotient.

AQ plays a very crucial role for us, when it comes to dealing with challenges, or adverse situations in our life.
It defines one’s ability to fight with the struggles of life, or the way we will react or respond to a situation! AQ is the most scientifically robust and widely used method in the world for measuring and strengthening human resilience.

Though many are born with high resilience, it doesn’t mean that we can’t work over it. Unlike, other quotients, AQ can be increased to 100% with continuous practice and guidance.

Learn to say, "Try me!" instead of 'Why me?" with us at our adversity quotient program.

Which one are you?

People can be broadly categorized into three types.
Attend our workshop to learn which one are you?


simply give up on the ascent—the pursuit of an enriching life. Deserters tend to quit very easily, blame others and allow adversity to endure longer than necessary.


The work hard to reach a certain level - “So far and no more!”.They would say that they have been aiming for this spot all their lives and now they can finally camp.


never stop learning and growing. They are relentless in their pursuit of their lifetime goals.Regardless of anything they continue to climb. They inspire others and have purpose and passion.

The goal is to become a Striver!

"One might feel like a deserter or might relate to the sanctuarian more. Fret not, we will train you to help individual turn into a striver. Be it companies or individuals, AQ is what will help everyone survive these unprecedented times. For years, the common belief has been that people with high intelligence quotient (IQ) or emotional quotient (EQ) are more likely to be successful. However, in today’s new world, the growth catalyst is AQ."

Let’s Calculate your AQ &

Learn the tool to foster AQ for yourself, your child, your client or your employee

We have prepared a set of questions according to age. Try to answer every question to have a better understanding of current AQ level.

AQ for Adults

Just to see what can be achieved

  • Understand your current adversity level
  • Know your emotional resilience
  • Find out your crisis management ability
  • Are you quick at call to action
  • How is your mental navigation?
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AQ for Teens

Very appropriate for the short term

  • Coping mechanism with exam stress
  • Using lying as defence
  • Peer influence meter
  • Aggressive/passive aggressive behaviour
  • Reactions to critical situations
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AQ for Children

Must have for Parents

  • Understanding the reactions
  • Frequency of changing activities
  • Anxious or Panic to finish work
  • Prefer to be alone
  • Get Influenced by Friends
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About AQ Trainer

Shivani Sharma
Founder – Lives Beyond Boundaries

Shivani, as she herself describes, has worn many hats, and is backed by some amazing success stories to be shared. She started her career with IT industry, and after 13 years of plush stint, she switched to her passion, and has successfully founded 4 start-ups till date. As she evolved in her role, she earned her certification as a qualified NLP trainer from Richard Bandler, Master hypnotherapist from California Hypnosis Institute, Dermatoglyphics Consultant from CFMID & ADRC, and a deception expert from Paul Eckman London.

AQ Coach – Train the Trainer Certification Program

By now you might be having a bit of understanding of Adversity Quotient. Now,
it’s time to upgrade yourself and enhance your counselling techniques to help individuals overcome challenges related to AQ.
Advanced - 5 Day Training Program
18th Oct - 22nd Oct, 5 pm – 7 pm
Rs. 6000

Level 1

  • Learn the Science of AQ
  • Difference between IQ, AQ, EQ
  • Role of AQ in our lives
  • Low AQ vs High AQ
  • Causes & Effects of low AQ in children, teens, adults, professionals & couples
  • Types of Adversity
  • Find current AQ level
  • AQ for Children
  • AQ for Adults
  • AQ for Professionals

Level 2

  • How to improve AQ – Children, Teens, Adults, Professionals, Couples
  • Integrate AQ in counselling
  • Learn AQ tools
  • Exclusive Access to AQ tools & key
  • Become a certified AQ trainer
  • 6-month license to AQ content
  • Special feature for DMIT Consultants – How to integrate AQ with Fingerprint report

A Few Words from our Consultants

People with high ADVERSITY QUOTIENT are like bamboo in a hurricane—they bend rather than break. Or, even if they feel like they’re broken for a time, there’s still a part of them deep inside that knows they won’t be broken forever. Are you one of them? or Do you want to know how to help your clients become one of them.

Become AQ coach and help others:

  • Become a Striver and not a quitter
  • Overcome Adversity step by step
  • Unlearn Beliefs and Learn Resilience Techniques
  • Prepare for unforeseen circumstances
  • Help finding solutions for everyday challenges
  • Overcome fears and become adaptive
  • Help people to become Resilient @ work, In relationships,
    as parents, as adults
So, what are you waiting for? Join for this interesting AQ training program and create a difference in lives of people around us and let them live their life beyond boundaries.

Is this workshop for me?

If you often find yourself, your child, your client or your employee get stuck/indecisive in difficult situations, or often in emotional sadness after an unprecedented event, then this workshop is for you!
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