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DNA of 2 people could match but Fingerprint can never match. Ever wondered why?

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Why are fingerprints considered as your Unique Identity?

1. Fingerprints are a direct map to your Brain

The Brain development starts at the 13th week to the 21st week of pregnancy, the Fingerprints are developed simultaneously both at the fingertips of hands and feet.

Every Brain has 10 areas of pre-determined and precise functionality ie a unique combination of NERVE GROWTH FACTOR (NGF) and the same is imprinted on the fingers and toes in a Unique Pattern through Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF).

Therefore, it would be right to say that every individual is unique and so is every Brain. Every activity, logical, emotional or creative, for better or for worse is determined by the brain and we can determine an individual’s Unique combination by analysing his fingerprints, which we refer to as INNATE or INBORN NATURE/POTENTIAL.

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2. Fingerprints reveal Individual’s Inborn Personality

Innate nature, has an intense genetic involvement which when born is pure and unadulterated at the time of birth. However, it is slowly influenced by the environment and shapes up a large part of any human beings personality, character, thinking & executing style, comprehension capability and more.

Nature controls the initial 55% of our Being and 45% we Acquire through our Learning Mechanisms combined with our environment and its effects. That is what makes a complete 100% of an individual.

Sometimes the 45% of acquired intelligence fortunately or unfortunately takes over the INNATE potential, leaving us confused, frustrated, and in despair.

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The Scientific study of Dermatoglyphics - which is the study of Fingerprints helps us explore our innate potential personality, character, learning style in most UNIQUE manner known to genetic science.

With the help of Dermatoglyphics, one can easily understand and decode the complexities of each individuals Unique Inborn Behaviour combined with your acquired nature.

At Lives Beyond Boundaries we help you identify your Triggers, Motivators, patterns and much more. We help you realise your goals & aspirations you have for yourself/ your child/your partner, whether they are personal or professional.

About Dermatoglyphics

'Dermatoglyphics' is a Greek word. Derma = SKIN /GLYPHICS = RIDGES or the lines that form our Fingerprints. Harold Cummins, M.D. aka. the Father of Dermatoglyphics, established the Theory in 1926. Since then, many scientists and medical doctorate have confirmed that the structural function of Cerebral Cortex can be analyzed from the skin grains or ridges on the finger & toe prints.

By mapping the spread of the 100 billion brain cells on different areas of cortex, the sequence of advantages of learning, and the code of potential and differentiation can be scaled and checked genetically & scientifically.

Dermatoglyphics (Fingerprint Analysis) is a Scientific & Genetic tool to help you identify your innate personality and talent, to build them into strengths, work upon your areas of improvements, and to fulfill the ultimate need of self-actualization.

Feature 1

It's Unique

No two people in the world have the same fingerprints. A combination of brain lobes, total finger ridge count, nerve growth factor, fingerprint patterns makes every fingerprint unique.

Feature 2

It’s Genetic & Scientific

Fingerprints are formed during 13th – 19th week of pregnancy along with the child’s brain and have inheritable qualities from parents or grandparents.

Feature 3

It's for Lifetime

As fingerprints never change, the report is done only once in a lifetime. One can refer to the same report at any phase or purpose of your life.

Brain & Fingerprints Co-relation

Brain Fingerprint Co-relation

Our brain consists of 5 different Lobes – PRE FRONTAL /FRONTAL/PARIETAL/TEMPORAL/OCCIPITAL
These 5 lobes are further divided into left brain and right brain, each carrying 5 parts each - splitting them into 10 divisions, with each part responsible for different functions.
Our right hand fingers represent our left brain and our left hand fingers represent our right brain.

10 Brain Parts = 10 Fingers.

All of these functions are the same for every individual; however, what is most important is that every human brain’s learning styles/reactions/motivation/triggers/execution of these functions are different.
We can map the same with Uniqueness through the fingerprint patterns. Combination of Patterns, Sequence, TFRC, Brain Lobes, Nerve Growth Factor, Percentage is what all makes each individual’s Fingerprints unique.

Fingerprint Analysis

Most Accurate, Innate, Unique Report for every Individual
For Children
For Children

Children till age 12, who are very keen to learn and explore new things in life, turning their inborn talents into strengths helps both parents and children to set the right direction for their future.

  • Understand your child’s innate nature and abilities
  • Identify your child’s preferred learning style
  • Customize your child’s learning programs
  • Learn about 16 intelligences of your child
  • Improve relationship with your child
  • Effective way to interact with your child depending upon child’s inborn communication style
  • Manage your child’s behavior, reactions, and emotions like anger, frustration, anxiety, tantrums
  • Select Activities based on their innate abilities and Multiple Intelligences
  • Give your child a stress-free future

For Teenagers
For Teenagers

Teenagers & Youngsters till 25, who are at the most aggressive phase of their life, understanding their capabilities and skills will set the right career choice.

  • Identify right career options based on your child’s inborn talents
  • Prepare a roadmap for your child’s future
  • Understand and bridge the gap between your child’s desired career path and his/her inborn skills & talent
  • Manage your child’s behavior like anger, frustration, anxiety, stubbornness
  • Enhance communication & relationship bond with your child
  • Help your child deal with stress and peer pressure
  • Work upon areas of improvements for future growth

For Adults
For Adults

Adults above 25, who are matured and experiencing life, understanding more about self can help communicate better, take right decisions for career change, or venture into new business or to pick up new skill/education.

  • Find your IKIGAI
  • Strengthen interpersonal communication and interaction skills
  • Manage your challenges like anger, stress, anxiety, goal setting
  • Improve resilience – how to deal with difficult situations
  • Work upon your areas of improvements
  • Select right career/profession
  • Enhance the sense of the value of life and happiness
  • Manage Relationships Personal & Professional

For Relationships
For Relationships

For Married couples, who are spending most of their life understanding each other, can enhance their relationships by knowing each other’s innate personality, behavior patterns, likes, dislikes & more.

  • Understand each other’s perspective and way of perceiving things
  • Understand each other’s inborn strengths and how to utilize them to achieve your life goals
  • Understand each other’s inborn weaknesses and challenges and how to support each other
  • Understand each other’s adversity quotient and how can they improve upon that
  • Find out the best way of communication with your spouse

For Corporates
For Corporates

For Corporates, who always strive to achieve right fit talent and employee retention, can hire right employee as per his inborn skill & talent.

  • Find the right talent for the right job
  • Assessment of job competency and execution style
  • Discover employee’s potential, strengths for higher productivity & efficiency
  • Plan education and training of employees based on their abilities
  • Measure & improve your employees AQ – Adversity Quotient
  • Assessment of Leadership qualities
  • Interpersonal communication and interaction
  • Consolidation of human resource

For Pregnant Women
For Pregnant Women

For Pregnant women, who are going through a lot of mood swings and different emotions, can prepare themselves for every busy life ahead post childbirth.

  • How to maintain a calm state of mind during pregnancy
  • How to spend time for mental well-being of Child
  • Manage different emotions and mood swings like frustrations, anger etc.
  • Manage Family Dependency
  • Finding own passion/talent to pursue
  • How to channelize energies to bring inner happiness during these tough times
  • Identify strengths and areas of improvements for right nurturing of child

How it works

Scan all your 10 Fingerprints via Mobile App
Scan all your 10 Fingerprints via Mobile App
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LBB process & analyse fingerprints & generate unique report
LBB process & analyse fingerprints & generate unique report
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One-to-one Online Consultation with Fingerprint Expert
One-to-one Online Consultation with Fingerprint Expert
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Why us ?

99% Accurate Report
99% Accurate Report
100% Safe & Secure Technology to capture Fingerprints
100% Safe & Secure Technology to capture Fingerprints
Access to Counselling recordings
Access to Counselling recordings
100% Safe & Secure Technology to capture Fingerprints
100% Safe & Secure Technology to capture Fingerprints
World’s 1st Mobile app to capture fingerprints
World’s 1st Mobile app to capture fingerprints

Discover your HAPPINESS with Fingerprint Report

Know your Innate Strengths

Know your Innate Strengths

Find out your passion

Understand your behavior & reactions

Overcome your Challenges

Work on your self-development

Manage your relationships better

Discover happiness

Know your Innate Personality

Know your Innate Talents & Skills

Know your Motivators & Triggers

Know your 16 Multiple Intelligences

Know your Learning & Communication Style

Know your Brain Quotients – IQ, EQ, CQ, AQ

Hear it from our clients

“LBB team shared simple, yet effective and practical tips during the counseling session. These are proving to be amazing as we practice. The beauty of the whole process is we become AWARE of each other's happy points and not-so happy points. We are able to effectively navigate through them, and already seeing positive changes. I highly recommend this to everyone.
Parul Taneja
It was an amazing experience with counselor, Pallavi Dittakavi. She makes thing and situation so easy and comfortable to handle.. so much of positively. Here and I want to recommend her as well as this program Fingerprint Analysis. Now we stopped judgmental about anybody and try to understand their situations. It's a very insightful feedback by her. This will help us to nurture our child’s hidden capabilities for his personal growth and shape his career. We will work upon his negative traits. This will also help in avoiding confrontations with him. Thanks once again.
Seema Rajput
Very Very impressed with counselling and effort made by Monika Choraria. After so many years, I got to know my strengths, my weaknesses. I forgot who was I. I got to know my potential from you back again and hopefully I will succeed in career and will look forward to guidance in my work ahead too. Thank you so much.
Sandhya Chordia
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